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Julia Houtchings

Cultural Immersion Specialist


I caught the “travel bug” in college while I was studying abroad in Angers, France. I went on several group excursions with the university to iconic places within the country, but the adventures I treasure most were the independent trips I planned myself. From multiple adventures to Paris, to a day trip to the Palace at Versailles and the Chartres Cathedral, to two weeks of spring break spent wandering primarily around Rome, Berlin, and Athens, I handled all the nitty gritty details with the utmost enthusiasm.

That enthusiasm continues today, even for the small(er) adventures: a weekend stay in the mountains, or a day trip into NYC. It can be comforting to frequent the same places, but I also aspire to explore 2 or 3 new spots when I go somewhere I have already been, like a local bookshop, a cafe in a different neighborhood, or even a lesser-known museum or walking tour.

Every adventure is a chance to learn something new and expand our view of the world around us. As an Independent Travel Advsior at Rainbow Getaways, I want to help you plan your ultimate adventures.

Experience the World

Planning with
Rainbow Getaways

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1. Free Consultation

We meet via Zoom or phone to discuss your overall vacation plan, and I share what it's like working with me as a travel advisor. If we're a good fit, you'll sign my Travel Service Agreement to officially hire me.

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2. We Start Planning

I get to work creating your proposal based on the information that you shared during our initial consultation. During this step, I'll make sure it's customized to be just as unique as your family.

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3. The Excitement Builds

While you're getting excited about your vacation, I'll send tips, tricks, and other guides to help make your vacation effortless and memorable.

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4. Go On Vacation!

You and your family set off to have the time of your lives. I'll be available 24/7 to help with anything that may pop-up.

Travel Research and Planning Fee

When you work with a Rainbow Getaways Travel Advisor, you receive a one-of-a-kind itinerary that is custom-built for you. Each element will be researched and vetted to ensure you make memories full of memorable moments.

We charge a small planning fee that allows us to conduct the deep-dive research necessary to select the best properties and fill your itineraries with activities to ensure that you'll be talking about your trip for years.

Our Travel Research and Planning fee starts at $247 for fully customized itineraries*. This allows your Travel Advisor to work for you, not travel suppliers. We will always have your best interests in mind and do what is best for you instead of trying to save a booking for the travel partner.

Ready to start planning your next Rainbow Getaway? Schedule a free consultation below.


*For more details about our TRP Fee, head over to our TRP Fee Agreement.

Start Planning

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